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They Didn’t Teach Me Anything About Working For Myself.

Look at me now? Almost broke.And it didn’t have to be this way.


It’s a
Tug of war out there for many.


And why?

All because schools have been teaching

Each of us how to work for others.

Yes! It’s all fictional writing, but the facts are there.

It’s happening, and it has to be stopped.

It’s shameful that many know very little about any of the ‘learn to earn online’ methods, and that they are of great value. Many who are attuned to these methods are rising prominently in net-worth because they work. All of it is called affiliate marketing.

[I will try to explain affiliate marketing later.]

People are not taught in schools around the world to understand entrepreneurship – to be owners of their ideas. Too many exploding-wishful-entrepreneurs who, earn an online income, make it seem just a novelty. Their struggle in learning this stuff has caused them to remain less than helpful in teaching others how to get to the top. Not much help with many of them.

So when many hear about others’ jewel of a lifestyle, many remain in awe and disbelief that it could ever happen to them, or if this opportunity is real, or nothing but a scam.

There are no loyal and honest instructors with that type. They are the ones who have struggled to get the knowledge and know-how the hard way. They have become dormant and selfish in spreading the intricates and the how-to, so others can prosper with less struggle. Many will call affiliate marketing a scam, and they don’t know what the heck internet marketing is – a sorrowful commentary to the less knowledgeable.

The fact is, there are truly easy ways to earn online, and I am talking about real, real

online money like the money you are looking at on this page arriving in your account monthly.



You see, there are platforms like Wealthy Affiliate that will teach the wanna-be entrepreneur how to ‘learn to earn online’. And the beauty of it all is…many are getting wealthy from these learned niches. And remember this…there are many ways to earn online.

I wish at the present, I could claim my aim to fame, even as I am getting there. Part of the magic is that the process is one step at a time. Remember that! It is one step at a time.

I aim to help others not to make mistakes I have made. I will always give an insightful review before any method product leaves my control. To learn to earn online income is mastered by skilled training.

There it is, yes! you are looking

At Progress

when you take one step at a time.

Daily progress, Working at home with that very item that you very likely have been playing
games with. You guessed it,




What I have tried to do in this message, is to give you the reader, a visual of what it is that your computer is capable of accomplishing for you.



But the “might” in all of this is to tell you that you can accomplish the skills of the techy stuff. And when you have attained these skills – then the magic sets in, and the smiles are turned on, and all of this happens when you get that first sale, and all disbelief has gone, and the sky is the limit. My God, I am smiling now. I am happy for you.

Let’s dive in on a few easy parts of learning some of the skills that will catapult you – or anyone – to achieving their dreams in the online marketing business. The question is…


There are many ways, but for the sake of space, I will try to demonstrate one way.



While the answer is simple to the above question, learning something new is not always as simple as it really seems – and here’s why.

Techy stuff can be a chore for newcomers. Well…until they learn the skills. But programs like Wealthy Affiliate have taken the newbie types to a new level of consideration and opportunity. They rather make it fun to learn. They train you about the marketplace one step at a time – step-by-step.

To further answer the question of the best way to earn online can be answered in one little phrase, to take the next step.

If you have read this far, believe me, you are almost there. Thousands contemplate the plunge every day. Procrastination gets in their way and they get nowhere pretty quick. Taking action will surely put the wanna-be on a safe road to success as they follow a trustworthy leader.

You see, the internet is a magnet for offerings of everything nature has to offer. Just think about it. You can Google almost any subject and you will most likely find the answer that you are looking for; and the product; and the opportunity. It’s all there, or here.

Now, just imagine that if googling can give you just about every answer you are looking for, then it is also capable of giving you, by searching – every single income opportunity that you are looking for as well. that’s my niche – EASY MONEY.


The real magic is that affiliate marketing is like colliding energies – where two opposites are converging, sort of like making music together. All designed to satisfy each other’s natural desires. In sales, it is to satisfy one side that is receiving payment, and the other side receiving a product. It is that simple.

⦁ If a person is looking for most anything like an opportunity; work, or a product;
⦁ Google it, and it almost likely will be there waiting to satisfy one’s wants or needs
⦁ Once collided, a sale is made, and each side reaches a degree of satisfaction.

Let me be more clear:

⦁ If you should want to be an eCommerce entrepreneur, and to do it working online, just like you see on TV, or in your email box…
a.    One person makes the order From John Doe Company
b.    John Doe Company receives the order and the money via the internet or phone from you the purchaser
c.    Then John Doe Company contacts Whole-seller Company Any Name, to Drop-ship the product you ordered – all done by internet connection, and
d.    The order is complete.
⦁      The purchaser soon gets his or her product.  John Doe Company pays Whole-seller Company Any Name as he Drop-ships to the purchaser, and guess what? The deal is complete.
⦁      Now if you are E-commerce Company John Doe, you just made a sale. That’s E-commerce. That person could be you – But we will call you the Affiliate Marketer Partner, but you are self-owned. You are an entrepreneur. That’s it.

⦁    What kind of products will you be selling? Who knows. Your company might be selling many products – maybe just one. That will be your choice.
⦁    That is only one form of online marketing. We call that E-commerce or you could be an Affiliate Marketer for a single item, or you could drop-ship many products from Amazon, or E bay; or any of hundreds of companies who will work with you through their affiliate program.
⦁    Most companies will work with you. Some have specific and different standards.


Large companies have large overheads. So when they cut down on their overhead by using you as their front person or salesperson, you get an opportunity and they get to increase their profits – both in sales and saving in overhead.

It is a great process, and it works. And with such a scenario
⦁ You become self-sufficient
⦁ A business owner, or an entrepreneur
⦁ You call your shots
⦁ You grow your company
⦁ You get rich or wealthy with your efforts
⦁ And of course, a company like Wealthy Affiliates can teach you the internet intricate’s for success along the way.
Above all, it is not hard. Confusing at first to newbies – as it would be to anyone learning something brand new. But if you stay the course, I promise anyone, even the newbie will get it quickly.

One has to always remember, that in the internet business, there can be a small investment; It is not a get rich quick scheme; It is not a sprint; it’s a marathon; it’s your long term business, and you will love the niche of your choice – Oh! and your growth.

If you at first hardly had two quarters to rub together, a year later you more than likely will find yourself looking for help

to keep up with your orders. Of course, that will be your choice of how you grow your business.






I am sure the reason lies in politics; the Chamber of Commerce, etc. But here is what I will say, count your blessings. There’s a great opportunity here – if you desire to earn online income – take action.

Remember, there is everything to sell and billions to sell it to. The space is hardly saturated.


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