How About Making Money Online

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How About Making Money Online

What is in a grasshopper?

When a friend’s young lad walked over to me and asked, “uncle what is in a grasshopper”? I didn’t know what to say while thinking it was a liquor drink or something. I told him, “I think it is a bug that hops around in the grass, and is why they call it a grasshopper.

He said, “Can you eat them”?

Then I was baffled, because I remember seeing in a book where natives in other lands do eat grasshoppers – coated with chocolate covering. So I told him “Yes, I think so”. But later, I was thinking, let me look this grasshopper business up – and I did. Yap, I was right. In other lands, they do eat grasshoppers as a delicacy. But what do I care about grasshoppers when my mind is most always on making money online.

But, you know, I still felt inadequate – like a novice or something, or a neophyte …only to equate my actions with my business as a beginner starting out not knowing very much. I was not sure of myself back then. Still perplexed and thinking to myself about the young lad – a beginner himself, and asking me “what is a grasshopper”? I thought to myself, why am I putting so much thought into trying to analyze a grasshopper.

Sounds odd doesn’t it?

Let me explain. Here is what I know for sure, beginners starting out putting too much, sometimes intellectual thinking into getting started in business. I don’t think it is necessary in the affiliate marketing start up business. I really think you just have to be tenacious, and go for it.

But hold on…?

When, a beginner, I think you first need a pad and a pencil getting started.

You do need how to’s, in making money online – even though it is a foregone Q & A within itself because millions are already doing it. Millions are accomplishing their goals beyond their wildest dreams each and every day in the online affiliate marketplace – and so can any newcomer or newbie.

It is rubbish to think even a tiny bit, that making money online is questionable. So let’s get that falsity out of our minds. Anyone with goals can make money online.

If you are not thinking ordinary, then I will say this, Yes! There are easy ways to earn money at home, but you have to understand the basic game plan to accomplishing your goals.

With that though in mind, let us say that it is nonsense to even consider that any one single goal in the marketplace is accomplished without planning. I am going to make this piece simple to understand, planning is paramount. But as time goes by we will delve deeper into our planning. But let’s not fool ourselves about a unified mode of order in planning for your success. There simply are know shortcuts. Learn about making money online and you will be very successful – it is that simple.


1. First, we have to be sincere in having faith and belief in ourselves and the process. Please, do not make a fuss over the process. It is important. I can tell you this for sure, Wealthy Affiliates has one of the best processes in moving anyone forward and along succinctly. There will be a small cost – but it will get you there gracefully – so don’t pass it up unless you have other ways. I can help with that. I have already tried many expensive platform and some are not worth your hard-earned money.

2. Please, do a visual of what you want …and don’t be shy, but be honest with yourself.

3. Write it down. Use my documents folder of any type. Don’t be passive about this. My documents folder location is desired. Believe me, this will go a long way in reaching your desired goals, because having done so will motivate you each hour, each day and your business will always be on track. So, as Nike will say, just do it.

4. Having a purpose in life, in your heart. It would be great if you had a hp notebook.

5. You must make an honest commitment. This is necessary. Do it.

6. Knowing, how to stay focused in the mist your Business atmosphere. Remember, it’s a mind game. Your business is all in your head, so stay focus.

7. When all the above preliminaries are done, begin your plan of action. Remember this, there is know time like the present. The time to start is now.


First, you have to get over your losses, downfalls, failures, and mistakes. You cannot change the past. Consider your past to be that which you have paid your dues to be in this place, that it was your due diligence, your research to learn what you now know. If you are a newbie, then be thankful that you are reading this piece, because if you follow me, my plan is to make you successful; to guide you; to offer you methods that will super start you on your road to success. You could say that I have paid my dues so that you don’t have to make my same mistakes.

It should be noted that it is just as easy to sell big ticket items as it is to sell small ones. It a numbers game. I will be offering some small ticket items, and some might lead to up sell to get the buyer going full speed ahead. But not to worry, they will always be reviewed and explained – so that buyer will always know up front.


There are know offers in this piece, but soon will be on my site. Most of all, I welcome you to follow me to the top to earn money online without investment – sometimes without investment.

Yes, you heard it right, sometimes I will make offers where you will not need an investment and you can make an income.

However, I do ask that if you follow me, many will not be disappointed after going through their training with WA.

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to give you the training you should have to be successful to make money online. Really, it is just that simple. You will start with your goals, learn to be consistent, meet and make friends with like-minded entrepreneurs, they will share and teach you as you will soon share and learn to teach others. With WA, you will be in a community of hundreds – if not thousands – who will welcome and guide you on the very course that they are on. I promise you that part way through the course you will be thankful as you realize and respect that the business that you are building was to never be a sprint, but a marathon that will pay you dividends for a lifetime.


LET ME BE CLEAR, my aim is to introduce newcomers to a money-making opportunity that pays well through well paying educational products that you too can offer to sell to your leads. But first, you should seek traffic, followers, leads. You will be taught how to turn those leads into sales and conversions – all succinctly done when you learn how.


Remember these newbies and potential entrepreneur, you cannot have a business without some investment. My motto is this, always do a review for your offer.

The client should know up front what the offer is; what it will do; and how much are all cost.

⦁ WHY pay more than you have to

⦁ Where do you go not to go broke

⦁ Who’s riding, or who’s taking you for a ride to get your money

⦁ Which offers do you need, want, and why

⦁ When to get into an offer and when to stay clear and why

⦁ Always have a money back guarantee to any offer

⦁ Any offer should have opt-out and a disclaimer.

⦁ All offers should carry bonuses when clients purchase from your site.

Here is what I can tell you for sure, I will never accept your money unless I can return to you a value that works for you …that will earn money online for you as well.

My failures in the past, and my experiences from each learned skill, will always be a value to you and I can always point you in the right, correct, and creditable direction. About making money online the right way in the marketplace will always save you time, money, effort, and headaches.

Online marketing is really the place for me, I think it will be for you too.

Best Regards,