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Didn’t you just know it?

So what is a newbie in the online affiliate marketing business?


The word newbie itself is slang for a novice or a newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in a profession of activity. The contemporaries use the word to refer to a beginner or a new user – often referencing someone start out in the internet activity, such as online work as an affiliate and doing work online for the first time. Kind of like the rookie on the football team – (like I was once).

Asking this question, “isn’t it great to be a newbie” can mean much more than what is ascribed to in this writing – that ones head is clear of clutter and with less nonsense or too much unneeded information – sometimes called gossip. If you are start out in the online internet marketing business you should…

⦁ Have a clear head

⦁ Have the right mindset

⦁ Get the right information

⦁ Be open-minded

⦁ And know what your goals are, that

⦁ Internet marketing (is also) for the beginner


There is good money to be made being a newbie and of course, it’s a great place to start. Everyone, all of us have been a newbie in our past – that is for sure. Wealthy Affiliate, well… I can’t say enough good about the platform. The platform takes us from where we start and transforms us into Pros.

In a natural sort of thinking, this would be the right personal psychology for life itself. But we know it doesn’t work that way. We get scarred along the way. Scarred by onus types. There are too many shysters, crooks and get-rich-quick schemers out there. So it is very hard to start with the natural thoughts above, but that’s okay. We learn, and it’s still nice to have been a newbie.

Think about it. Being new and ready for a great venture in business; to have learned a lot; to reach your dreams; to know that your mountain in front of you seems a little less hard to climb with a road map. It will happen …if now, you know that you have found a trust-worthy avenue.

A trust-worthy avenue is where we at WA come in as supporters. Working through Wealthy Affiliates has proven to be associated with people who want what you want, but most of all they are willing to reach back and help others get what they want. And as the old saying goes, you have to trust somebody. We are worthy and we do reviews to show that we mean what we say.


Drop Ship Example:

⦁ Any company who has a product or products that they sell over the counter or by mail who will drop ship their product to the customer, will most likely need some help to sell their products. That sales-person could be you.

⦁ Okay, now we have a product to sell. The company domiciles in another state.

⦁ You also live in another state, and you need work and you live at home and you are willing to sell that company’s product for them to make money and for you to make a living for yourself and your family. So you contact the company and ask if you can sell their product for them.

⦁ The company agrees, and says yes! You can sell my product(s) for me, if you can get the orders, he says he will send each product (drop shipped) to your customers who live in a third far away state and an invoice to you the salesman.

⦁ The customer sends you the retail cost of each product you sell, you send the company the wholesale cost of the product to honor his invoice, the company sends the product to the customer with a paid receipt …and the deal meets each person’s satisfaction and that can be called affiliate marketing.

Now, what you need to know is that there can be any product being sold that meets the formula above, and the deal gets done nearly the same way. The products can be books, magazines, medicine, methods, ideas, food, vacation trips, air flight tickets, etc. I think you get the idea.

The salesman wants to make a good living, so he is going to need many customers, and it just so happens that the customer is looking for some of these same products that you are selling – and guess where he is looking for what he wants? He googles to see if anyone is selling what he needs on the internet. And just like he thought, he finds it online through google. Once again, the formula above works out for him and he is happy. It’s sort of like bartering, but we use the internet.


So, being a newbie is good. He or she is learning from the first floor without being clouded by numerous things in his mind. He can focus on what matters to him or her – MAKING MONEY. This gives them a better chance of succeeding than his competitor who may have many things clouding his mind if he is having a hard time focusing. With the latter, they will find more bumps in the road than the former guy or gal possibly with a straight path. GO AHEAD GIVE IT A TRY. It’s time to SOAR.

ISN’T IT GREAT TO BE A NEWBIE, to have one’s mind less cluttered. He can do more than the person or persons whose mind is cluttered with numerous problems and thoughts.

It is great …having been a newbie, don’t you think?

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