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I make no bones about my aim, nor do I make light of why this is the course of action I take toward wealth in making money online from home. Simply said, I am not wealthy; I want to be; and my charge is… can I get wealthy through online marketing? Can I grow my business to a wealthy state…if I try? The answer is… Yes I Can, and In fact, my experience assure me of it and so can you the reader and the newbie as well.

So, when someone asks you, “What is it that you do, answer them proudly, no! excitingly, tell them ‘internet marketing’ …and here is why”…


We make life a challenge in our ways and actions. Here is what I know for sure. Most Americans can be lazy – maybe lackadaisical is a better word. Most will never admit it, but many are – if not most. We look for the easy way to get anything we want done. And many times, we will not do the lower tier work ourselves because it is beneath us. We pay someone else to do our work for us – if we are able. But that’s okay. We all have our ways of getting by and others want the work. I argue that everything we want takes money. The kind of money we want to earn from making money online from home. It’s easy work. The trick is…YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK YOURSELF – and that’s the rub in the business of internet marketing.


Well, I can only tell anyone how I approach life each day for myself, because I too can be very lackadaisical – just like everyone else in America. Folks in the UK are even worse. I know some don’t like the branding and I am sorry for that, but I am just telling it like I see it. Noted however, I am retired, so that is my excuse. I wonder what yours might be? I suppose one would say, I am looking for “easy money. On face book I usually reference myself as easy talk with Clarence.

But, getting back to my message. I usually start my day after I awake, I lay a moment; I count my blessings by having a quick prayer – the kind that even God can’t recognize. It’s very quick. I usually tell him that I intend to be better than I was the day before. It usually doesn’t happen, but I feel better that I made a note of it – quick note. Saying morning prayers is a Catholic thing with me. Habit, I suppose. After that, I am usually good to go, well until after I almost have some kind of accident during the day and have to say “Oh my God, thanks for saving me from the worse”. Then I am good to go once again. Funny how passive we can be. It seems that the only thing passive that we give attention to is how to get passive income.

Now that I am writing about it at my age, maybe I had better be more sincere with the almighty. I think I will work on that.


Everything, and a lot more. We all need and want money. Even if we don’t need it, we want it. We want honest and easy money from the work we do as entrepreneurs. When we finally admit that to ourselves, we then have a real goal.

As human beings, we have human emotions, and some of us get carried away in the wrong directions sometimes. They want money so bad that they steal, others embezzle. People will take what does not belong to them. In other words, they are lazy. Some people you can offer them a job and they would not want it. Those are really, really lazy people – nothing lackadaisical about them. Now I know some will not like reading this post. I am sorry, but I write it because there are so many opportunities in our faces and the faces of people that I know…that if they looked in the mirror and saw opportunity, they would swear it belong to someone else. Some people cannot see themselves in extraordinary places and dreams. I can. You can too. We are entrepreneurs, and that word means something to us. It means opportunity. It means money.

Now some of us will reach for the moon and believe we can reach it; others of us will say it is impossible, and that they would just like to fly through a couple of cloud or so. I really think the ship to the moon is big enough for all of us who are dreaming big. So I say, thanks to the opportunity; thanks to work online. That for too long, I found myself an introvert – a shy and reticent person. I wrote three fictional books, published as vanity. But I never wanted to go on the road to market either – to let someone read my stuff.


We’ve got opportunity here.

Here is my plan. I already make a some money through Warrior Plus – another great platform. But my knowledge of some techy stuff falls short of being all that I can be. Finding Wealthy Affiliates once again is major for me, and I am getting what I need. I already have mindset – a major attribute for marketers.

My personal pathway is to sell methods and to review others methods as well. Thousands are looking for methods every single day and I am prepared to make some unique offers to that market. I think being unique is the model that gets some to the moon and other types to the cloud. I am buying my time – having spent almost three years climbing my mountain with shiny stuff – they call it. It’s near time to push the envelope in other unique directions. Many have great opportunities earning money online – if they are not lazy. I beg you not to be lazy.


I had some right and wrong way lessons – all were good lessons. I learned from each. I didn’t fail – Nigerians scams, business partners, oil investments, friends, employees, confidants, all have taught me a human interest lesson – to trust, but to verify. I am older now, but one should learn their lessons sooner …so wisely taught by President Reagan, to “Trust, but to verify”. Be wise throughout friends – as I know you are.


So, when I went off to college in another state, I had to work to earn for school and myself. Many of my school mates had family backing. My roommates family owned a mortuary business. He had no financial concerns as I did. It makes it tough when your peers have a lesser road to travel than you – when both of you are in competition against the world. A good start is a good path, and is why I argue work online.

You see, I say all of this because I know that the work we are able to do online is monumental, and can give each of us such a head-start going forward …that if we don’t look in the mirror tomorrow morning and see the advantage that we have, then I think you should be thrown out of the game, off the ship, out of the cloud…and not be allowed to go the moon – or even fly in the clouds. Don’t be lazy. Opportunity knocks.


When my wife retired as a Special Ed Administrator with the school system, she just wanted to do something else than travel and vacation. She sought out working online at home. She loves it. Her own hours; love for children; carry her work with her on vacations. It seems to be a joyful work for her.

There is no more pleasure in life than having a wonderful family – wife and children; vacations several times a year; and to be healthy at my age. Life’s good. But for me, it is not enough. Like many men, we love to climb mountains. I am not going to climb a real mountain, but we all have our imaginary mountains – and some cannot wait to entertain the action. Count me in. Working online is great – if you are being lazy – it’s easy work.

I really hope I am not hurting anyone for expressing myself with my thoughts. I just feel that knowing affiliate, online marketing, easy work like this with just a little training, will satisfy most peoples hunger for wealth – or just work online. Many have gone on to be very wealthy from some platforms. I know some of them.


There are a million each day, looking for that easy lifestyle. How to make money online from home …and there are millions of ways to do just that – make money online.


Working online seems such an honorable way to go. I realize it is not that easy for some – even when those who are trying this business are very, very smart. Technology does not come easy for many people. I realize we all click our cell phone every day, but techy stuff online can be a chore. I think it is great that we have platforms like Wealthy Affiliate, and I did not know that I had signed up some years back and did nothing. I am here now, and I am making up for loss time.

Remember this always, you need leads. You cannot get leads unless you are getting traffic. Learning how to get traffic is not that hard, but getting free traffic can be a bit tricky. But there is plenty of free traffic around. Traffic can come like water from water hose, but what you want are the sprinkles that splash out the side of the container of a bucket the water is going in. The sprinkles, or the splashes will be what you are trying to get, we will call those sprinkles your leads. Leads can be converted into cash.

When the time comes I hope to show you how to get those leads the easy way – google, bing, and yahoo.