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A friend of mine asked me what kind of work did I do. It’s the usual question someone will ask when you first meet a friendly person at a party your wife has enticed you to attend. All the time that you are there, your interest is in getting back to making money with your home-based business; your computer; making money working home-based; and blogging. Parties can seem like a waste of time occasionally, but we need the break as well.


Let me clear the air quickly about earning money, I’m not a work-a-holic. But, I do want to always be in the mode of making money working online. I also know that the only way I am going to make a lot of money is…working online; being online; doing the work that is required to build a legitimate make money home business. That’s what I do.


Most of my new friends there at that party that I was meeting with for the first time were highly educated types. They were salary employees. I was confident in being in their company knowing that my income more than matched theirs. That may have crossed my thoughts knowing my income matching up better than theirs, that with me the sky was my limited earnings. They all worked on set salaries, and that was okay, it’s just that some people seem to want to measure you by your net worth.


My wife had similar degrees as they did – if not more. I did not! I had been more associated with the business side of life. She mostly associated with teachers, school business …as a supervisor over many, and children. I had some years in college and had a couple of years of Business College, but most of my training was through L.U.T.C. Life Underwriting Training Courses. There is a lot of learning in that course …and was one of the things I had shared with my new friend all while we had been talking.


Yes, I was a good salesperson in my field, but Insurance was not really for me. I’m kind of a recluse type. I speak when I need to and hold my tongue otherwise, unless necessary. I had not done too bad with Insurance, I became an office manager. I am not very good at managing people face to face …to be honest. I’m excellent at messaging …Very good. I acquire my thoughts better when I’m writing.


“Easy Talk – with Clarence,” I immediately blurted out with pride and joy to finally answer his question about what did I do for a living. “I’m an Internet Marketer,” I said with pride.


“I’m an online marketer,” I proudly voice with confidence. “Best business I know of. I train with Wealthy Affiliates, and we help train others to assure newbies coming in will soon have their success.”


“But, for two to three years I struggled without considerable knowledge…hardly making money at all. I realize now, I had no proper training in I.T. – which would have been some help – nor how or what Affiliate marketing really meant, I was what they called “a newbie.”


“What’s a newbie in your business”, he asks. He said, “He understood than connotation, but did not know than the detailed meaning of it in my business.”


In short, I said. “A newbie is a person in the internet marketing business who probably only knows how to email to his family and friends, and plays questions and answers on Facebook, or twitter and maybe a few games on the internet with something called Tik Tok. But to be honest, if that is all he knows, then he has a lot of learning to do.”


He then said to me, “I have seen young adults who drive high-class cars live in great neighborhood housing; they don’t seem to be drug dealer types; they take their girlfriends on faraway trips more often than I can. In short, they look like they came from a family with lots of money and who did not have to do than 9 to 5 work hours away from home.” He went on to say. “I’ve come across what they call bloggers …whatever that is – and then narrative seems to indicate that these guys and gals actually come from being broke to becoming rich. Their lifestyles seemed very different. They seem to have more than many. Where does that money come from?” he asks.


I smiled and said, “Hard but easy work, my friend. The kind of hard work that I’m anxious to get back too when this party is over …blogging for gold?”


I’m not sure, but I could have been unappreciated talking to my friend. I thought later on that I may have come off as a blabbermouth and overconfident. I had not meant to be, but later thought, I may have sounded incensed and overbearing.


He then revealed to me, “he was interested in learning more about this internet marketing business that he always thought was somewhat of a scam.”


But to my surprise, he was an I.T. teacher. And I also found out later that he knew a lot about technology and writing tech codes, but very little about internet marketing. He went on to tell me, that as a teacher his salary was sort of set at than margins, and that his dream had been to build wealth. That somehow he had missed the boat in learning than skills of marketing online.


I immediately understood his plight. He only understood one area of this vast, vast marketing business. Well, it sounded sad, but I had not felt sorry for him. Because the education that is taught was being taught by someone like him, which was mostly designed to help students with employment for companies and not for self. Schools are designed to point to the student in the direction of a job. That’s it. Get a job; work 30 to 40 years for than company and take retirement.


Because he was sorta like one of them that teach to be employed, I could hardly feel sorry for him. He was one of them.


He said, as a teacher, “I’m sure to build a retirement in 20, 30, or 40 years, along with a 401K, but I suspect I will be quite old by then, and right now I feel like I’m tied to a tree with a rope around my neck But don’t get me wrong he said, I love teaching children, but I hate it that I may never accomplish my real dream – to get wealthy. Can I give you a call next week?” he said.


I said, “of course, I’m almost for sure to be available to take your call. I work at home, or anywhere I can get an internet connection on my cellphone…and my cell phone is always nearby.” I gave him my number.


Before we parted ways to enjoin ourselves with other party friends who were having a good time with drinks in hand, he seemed to slip another question to me.


He said, “How much can I make, I saw that fine car you and your wife drove up in …and was parked by than valet after you tipped him, I was curious.”


I, in turn, returned than favor with a smile and a slight whisper back to him and said, “A lot.”

He said, “I thought so.”


Going on, I said, “And your dreams will be fulfilled each and every day. But, there is a catch…there is no retirement waiting for you at the end of your rainbow. You make your own retirement by investing – and I have no doubt you will be able to invest a lot.”


Sometimes, the concerned types will ask, how long will it take to start making money – a $100, $500 $1000 per day. It’s a common question that affiliate marketers or newbies will regularly ask. The answer is always…it is how hard you work to reach your goal. For some, making $100 dollars a day might take a year, and with others a month or two. That kind of question happens when they are thinking about than trade. Others $1000/day. Top earners happen with training. With more than proper training, it happens much sooner than later.


You cannot get around it. If you are going to make money in this business, you have to have training. There are strategies in this business that will be unknowing to most, and of great value to many – especially than a beginner. Your business when you learn the skills and you ought to want to learn them, they will more than assure you of your success. When you do the training, you will find that the tools are simple and that they will be worth their weight in gold for a lifetime.


So here is what needs to happen

With a newbie

Who is trying to get off the first floor quickly?

This is a method I use

⦁ It’s a DFY method getting started. That’s okay for now – until you begin training.

⦁ If you take action with this purchase, I will guide you to your free training.

⦁ Trust is important. Find someone or company than you trust to get you started. That would be me.

⦁ Important, always ask questions. I will get back to you ASAP.

⦁ Training is paramount – even if you’re starting to make some money. Don’t be fooled. Training will be necessary.

⦁ If you are not going to train, then please, do not blame me.

⦁ The train is free for a few lessons, then $19 for more lessons; then $49 for more than a full course later. The cost is small for what you get.

⦁ In business, there is always an investment of some kind.

⦁ If you train, I promise and assure you of reaching your goal – and much more.

⦁ Be patient and take one step at a time – and keep training.

⦁ I will always give you a review or discovery as to how you purchased product work.

⦁ When there is an upsell, it will be explained before going further. You don’t have to take any upsell to make money in this business. Always get your answer first


There are people with us who have made $5,000 to $6,000 in their first sixty days. It can easily be done. There are also than lazies who can’t seem to get started and have been at it (more like watching it happens for others) for many months if not years. And yes, there are those who start making money sooner than others. What you have to remember is, this is not a game, this is a business – your business. If you treat your business like you want to make money, then I can assure you that you will. I’m here to help.


Your job is to take instruction, ask the question, and blog often. You will be taught much, much more than ever thought in your dreams. It will all be designed to get you where you want to go.

1. You must follow instructions. If you don’t, it will show.

2. If you follow the instruction, it will show in earnings.

3. Some will invest one hour per day to their business. That is not enough. You will not see the owner of the business that you work for spending only one hour per day in his business, and if he did he would be broke in a very short period. Remember, it’s your business – BUILD IT.

4. Learn to use social media – Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and many others. Grow your business.

5. Do not think of quitting …ever. That’s not what you are here for.

6. Do not jump from one training to another. If you do, you will never get ahead, and you will not be successful – and you will do like others and call this business a scam when it is not.

7. I’m sorry to have to say this, but your family and friends will most likely be your worst enemy. That’s just than way it is. They don’t believe anything like this until they see it. Maybe they are right, and maybe they are wrong. When in actuality, it’s up to you to be successful.

8. What we will be doing is putting all you need in front of you to be successful, and all you will have to do is latch on to your rainbow and your pot of gold will be waiting on the other side.

9. Remember, people will have to believe in something – so trust us – and if you do, our promise to you will be that you reach your successful goal.

10. We want you to be the next success story, and you can be if you follow the track that will be laid out for you when you sign up for your success story with us.


Compounding your income is just a matter of one step at a time. No regular school will teach you these skills that we will teach you in working online in than internet business. When you decide to take that next step, I want you to take that step with confidence. I can tell you straight out, that if you take the leap, the program will help you fly like an eagle.


I can tell you, there are many methods out there, some work and some don’t. This is the one that I stand by that gave me a start-up chance with initial income. It will have a complete package, but getting started is what you need upfront. if you don’t like it. Return it, we will give you your money back.

1. First, you should decide that you want to earn more by working online


Here is the one that I stand by

Easy Talk – With Clarence

Email: clarence@making-money-home