MAKING STUMPERIES/STUMPED – and asking is google AdSense worth it

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MAKING STUMPERIES/MEANING STUMPED – and asking is google AdSense worth it?

One could ask “what is google AdSense how does it work? While there is an easy answer, the best one is that you have a choice – having a website for affiliate marketing with or without an AdSense Ad …can be of high value. It’s an either-or neither choice. So, is google AdSense worth it?



People are earning money off of you with AdSense or another form of ad publishing on your site. In fact, many people would happily pay you $1 for every click that you generate to their website through the ads they manage through Google AdWords.

Yes, AFFILIATES are using ads on your website to make affiliate revenue. Here is the question; what if you removed AdSense ads from your website and focused 100% of your energy on affiliate promotion on your site? I bet you could do a more effective job of monetizing an affiliate offer (link) than other people could by buying your traffic. I bet you can earn MORE MONEY through affiliate programs than AdSense.

Scenario 1: Your site => affiliate offer => buy offer ($20+ typically)

Scenario 2: Your site => AdSense click (under $0.70 typically)

Let’s say on average you get 1:20 conversion when people click on your affiliate links. Let’s say you are getting paid $20 for every affiliate sale. That works out to an average of $1 for every time someone clicks on your affiliate link.


Now, let’s have a look at AdSense. Say you get $0.70 per click (pretty normal depending on the type of traffic you have) and you average the same number of click-throughs. For these 20 clicks, you would only earn $14.


Let’s scale this up a little: For every 100 clicks that your website visitors make on your site (click-throughs), you will generate $100 from affiliate programs, but only $70 with Google AdSense ads. See where I am going with this? That is $30 more revenue from the same traffic if you do not have Google AdSense and focus 100% on marketing your affiliate product links.


One more example to further clarify the point. Let’s say that each affiliate sale is $40 (which is very realistic as well). This same 100 clicks on an affiliate link is going to earn you $200 compared to the $70 from Google AdSense ads.


I think you get the point above…being stumped will cause you to make a choice to where you want to put your energies.


If your choice is to be in the business of Marketing Education, Affiliate Marketing and Recurring offers with Passive Income and high profits are where you want to be, AdSense may not be for you and I try to explain this below – having dealt with AdSense.

While I continue to get further along where I want to be while trying to hold on to income with AdSense, lately, I have been confronted with this challenge. AdSense seems not to be interested in the kind of content and traffic that my Affiliate Marketing methods share online with my clients.



If you have another site in one of our supported languages, you may resubmit your application with that site instead.


They go on to say, your site has issues with its traffic sources. Google ads may not be placed on pages receiving traffic from certain sources. For example; Publishers may not participate in paid-to-click programs; send unwanted emails or display ads as the result of the action of any software application. They say that I should make sure my pages comply with Google’s.



Continuing, they say, most of my site content is in a language that AdSense doesn’t currently support. Meaning click bank types of applications and methods.


It appears that AdSense navigated and reviewed my Wealthy Affiliate site when I was having some issues with trying to insert the AdSense code into that site…and said they had found it difficult to navigate. I agree.


When I inserted my AdSense code and had made a boo, boo, it messed up. I finally changed themes – even though I had gotten good and helpful info from my WA Community which had worked for me – even though some things were left out, 98 percent of my site came back. I still did not like what I was left with, nor the way my site came back up, but it was much better. However, I changed my theme from the worse that it had been. They, AdSense, had continued telling me that they were having some issues with my traffic sources every time they wrote to me about – automated, recurring, high profit, passive campaigns. It seems that AdSense is not interested in that kind of content and it seemed more so when later in a mailing to me, they seem to come right out and say that.


Time passed and they sent me a more recent update. AdSense said we believe that here, (in my post) wasn’t enough original, rich content that would be of value to users for AdSense. As a publisher they said, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives the user a reason to visit your site.



  • Don’t place the ad code on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.
  • Here is where they said, our sites should not participate in affiliate content should form only a minor part of the content of your site if the content adds no additional features.


I am stumped – it was easy to say before, but not anymore. I understand better now.


So going on in another message sent out to me. The said your site was found to have too little text, and/or your site was deemed to be “under construction.” Sites should have enough high-quality content to provide meaningful user experiences and allow us to serve relevant ads to the user.


  • Make sure that your pages have enough text – sites that contain mostly images, video or Flash animations may not be approved.
  • Your content should contain complete sentences and paragraphs, not only headlines.
  • Make sure that your site is fully built and launched – don’t sign up while your site’s still under construction or only consists of a site template.
  • When connecting your site to AdSense, place the ad code on a live page of your site. Test pages that are empty except for the code won’t be approved. THIS WAS MY MOST RECENT MAIL FROM ADSENSE.


All of this has been good for me. I am learning – AND NOW I KNOW.


Most of what I have been doing at Wealthy Affiliate is prepping, learning many building blocks, and steps, to take with building my main site (not showing here), but the one I am most interested in completing …I have an example here;   then click on the logo and scroll down if interested. The site has several pages and is geared toward my interesting niche – being in the business of “Marketing Education, Affiliate Marketing and Recurring offers with Passive Income and high profits.” The site above not my Wealthy Affiliate training website.


But, presently, I am stumped with my training. So, my question was to my community of followers with WA was, can I continue with my training while skipping where it may not apply to my interests and concerns by not having AdSense. My codes are up, but they are just dangling on each page without a banner I said. AdSense was working with me to get me up and going with their Ad, but I want to stay with my goal of being a more prolific marketer with Marketing Education, Affiliate Marketing and Recurring offers with Passive Income and high profits.


So, the answer had been right there in the writings from AdSense when they had said… “I bet you could do a more effective job of monetizing and affiliate offer (link) than other people could by buying your traffic. I bet you can earn more money through affiliate programs that AdSense.”


I was going to be better off with the niche I had chosen to grow my business. So, always remember, jumping around from place to place in any business will keep you scratching your head and dissipating your energies. Stay with one niche; master it; learn other platforms if and when you are training to learn and to make your business better. But if some training methods are going to hinder more than help them stay with your niche. You win every step of the way if you grow your niche rather than jump around to another niche.


My training at this moment had mostly been about learning and understanding AdSense. But I have moved on to other training. I hope in some way …that this information has been helpful, and that I can get some feedback on this post as well.

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