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Take your mind off the ‘three-letter word’. It’s not there. It’s not about that. However, YES!!! It was better than – – – …but this narrative is about…




But, I hope the title was an eye-opener that will carry my story through, ‘how to link a message’ into your blog. The training surely is worth the study and the knowing ‘how-to’ for those who don’t know.



BY TELLING MY DREAM before anyone gets their thinking in the wrong place with my subtitle, and to keep my head out of the sand as well about what matters, and on what my dream was about is important. Maybe a little poem will fasten-up an initial explanation – and with a few details further on.


It was the night before last,

I had awoken from slumber.

My thoughts were much like the Xmas story, but there was a blunder.

I got up quickly with lots of zest;

I stumbled a little, As I dashed for to my desk.

I sat down when I got there, somehow I had no words to write,

And said to myself, my God I have no words to type. [WRITERS BLOCK]

I tried to remember what my dream was all about when I had crept out of bed. I remember that I had my mind on what to blog.

So, what happened so quickly? to my wondrous dream, causing my dream to disappear. [Writers’ block.]

It was not about Santa’s reindeer. It was about the short-term memory I feared.

That’s when I said to myself, Someone – help me tell my dream. And just like that, It came back to me. I wanted to write about…


Finally, it was about my last training on ‘Links‘ and “How To Find Relevant Affiliate’s” you know, the kind that is trustworthy, relevant, and credible. It is amazing what a little training can do for you. Try it.

REALIZING WHAT I HAD JUST LEARNED, from my training, “How To Find Relevant Affiliates” in my training and that DONE FOR YOU METHODS don’t give you the details that newbies need getting started, It’s a challenge. Those guys should want to teach how it is done, and when they don’t, it makes them lacking in thought and consideration. That is a problem.

Showing applied application training with their offers would be very helpful to newbies. They would know what they were doing when getting started. The how’s and why’s – like WA, who tells it like it is…makes it helpful. THEY EXPLAIN!

My lead-in was a bit odd, I know. The Xmas story was on my mind. I aimed to tell about what woke me up from slumber – and what my dream was about. It was about my training and how it seemed to swoop me into a one hundred percent thought process. We will finish our Xmas narrative soon.


HERE ARE THE ESSENTIALS that had me wide awake, and how learning all of this stuff…is so simple, once you learn it. When you want to place a link right in the sentence you are working with, having a reasonable thought in your blog to carry your selling message to your audience, here is what you will do.

Say that part of the sentence might say something like “and he went to the store.” You can link the word store to…

⦁ Another page

⦁ An E-commerce store

⦁ A Narrative, or

⦁ Another site.

I think you get the point, and you only need to spin your message to give it relevance. It is just that simple to make a difference in your selling power to your audience, but you have to know how to do it. I will agree, It seems complicated…until you are taught how it’s done. But when you are taught what you didn’t know before, you feel knowledgeable. THAT’S HOW I FELT KNOWLEDGEABLE THE NIGHT BEFORE LAST WHEN I HAD Awoken. But in addition to this revelation, my creativity was wildly awakened …and it became my Xmas Story – like the one when I was very young and very happy. Still am.


When you are writing a blog, there is usually a little chain-like-hook along the top of your blog page. This symbol is usually at the top of your blog or clipboard page – if you have a Microsoft app. Check it out, if you have not already. Use the one at the top of your blog page is best when blogging. Hover-over, or shadow-over what you want to link to another page or another narrative that you want the reader to see or click on, or to pull up.

1. First, you capture your link – hover over your link to copy

2. Second, hover over the page or the narrative to link

3. Third, click on the chain symbol, and see the page or narrative linked

It’s done, and when someone clicks on the page or narrative, the link will carry them to the other page it is linked to.



Those Guru guys had me on a chain-like link that kept me funneling into my bank account for their next merry-go-round ride for another ticket to get more – AND I LET THEM.

But then, as I began to wonder and my mind was now alert;

Now having built my site with WA, made me feel like a jerk.

It was then that I knew from previous sites;

Leaving all of that behind,

Made for a very good night,

Why, because I was leaving the Guru types.



YES! Welcome to knowledge and training, and newbies can start at no cost. WA Training has helped me with my dream – and I am well on my way.

Coming over to Wealthy Affiliates has been good for me. There are hundreds of platforms out there, but to my readers, please don’t get hung up on trying every one of them when WA is the right place to be for MAKING MONEY, BY TRAINING FIRST.

I don’t mean to brag about the creator of WA, Kyle being one of them and my trainer. I will be the first to let the readers know that he didn’t discover America, sliced bread, Xmas, not even a mouse. It was there all the time. I, and maybe others as well, just didn’t know where to get this training at first, or about this stuff – training and learning from trustworthy folks. BUT NOW YOU KNOW.

REMEMBER THIS…there are no shortcuts to growing your online business. You should always train and learn – and success is out there waiting for you to make your claim. FOLLOW ME? For your successful challenge.

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