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Yes!! Getting to 80 with fewer aches and pain maybe because of the old remedies from grandma, sometimes called the old wise tales.


I could always see those guy reaching for common sense medicating remedies like garlic, hot teas, caster-oil, things from the garden – if not from the woods and the sea…to keep us kids healthy in the family.


Sometimes we wore garlic bags around our necks. We didn’t like it most of the time because of the smell, but we stayed healthy. Those grandmas were so holy back then, we thought we wore them to keep the devil away from us – sensing we went to church so much. Of course, we weren’t sure who the devil was, but we sustained.



The doctor’s chemical mess to make money in the marketplace with a patented product was far from the knowledge of what was sometimes called the “Old Wise Tales” from our grandmas. However, those grandmas were Wise – and now we are still around after 80 years – still walking and running, maybe losing our memories sometimes from one room to the next, smile. But I guess somethings gotta give – when you get 80. But being very happy and healthy with fewer aches and pain and a great family though is special.

Most Medical-Chemical and Medical Prescriptions come from or start out with something from God’s Great Earth. Big Pharma cannot sell it for a profit …and many times we can make it ourselves. We/meaning the entrepreneur who must chemicalize the product in order for us to call it our own. We pick one of those chemicals names from the Chemistry Chart and guess what, “it becomes our miracle product.”


We do it all the time. We give our newly found product a nickname never heard of before, and guess what? Now, we can put a money-making price on it that most buyers will say “O My God The Cost Is Outrageous.” Because now we control the price in our company with an LLC in the good ole US of A by law …for several years now I might say.

It’s called Capitalism and each of you can do it. We live by this control – whether we like it or not. It’s a lawful choice.


Are you getting any ideas from this piece guys? You can create miracles. Get it.

But for sure, and I don’t know, all medicines only treat the symptoms.

Only our bodies can heal themselves.


That is why I wanted to say something about our “immune systems.” TAKE CARE OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM guys with antioxidants. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant. There are easy and natural ways to get your vitamin D also – like lying in the sun and taking in those good ‘o’ sun rays filled with vitamin D at the highest dosage. But we need something to protect our bodies inside and out. Vitamin C does a good job of that – inside and out.


Of course, you can get burned badly taking into much sun laying out. People are not lying in the sun just to take a nap. They are trying in the sun to get healthy. But they should also be careful and think about a protectant with vitamin C’s healing powers to protect themselves.


Both C & D helps to build the immune system. Building the immune system is paramount. So think of vitamin C to do a good job on the inside.


There are many other natural ways to build your immune system. HERES ONE.

  • Heat a cup of water – like you would for instant coffee
  • Add a tad of Minced garlic
  • Top it with a few slices of lemon
  • Sip on it through the day
  • Get rid of the smell of garlic with peppermint candy. You will be fine.
  • O, and a higher dosage of Vitamin C tablets for older guys – for a maximum build – 2, or 3 thousand mg more will not hurt.

That’s it. Now you are building your immune system to properly take care of most health issues in your life. Maybe even corona, who knows? But C is necessary – and it is natural.


Easy Talk – with Clarence