REHASHED – BLUNDER; Rehashed my blunder and I’ve re-purposed

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Rehashed my blunder and I’ve re-purposed my story that I wrote some weeks back in another venue.

Interesting that we have the who, when, where, how, why, which, and how and we forget to use them daily in our blogs. Did I forget one? Probably.

The many questions, pronouns, and adverbs root words that are sometimes the object of the verb that we can write about in our blogs to get responses are sometimes absent in our minds. Many times, we forget they are the root words right there in front of us that we know so much about from school to get responses – and we don’t use them enough. We don’t ask. There are many, many marketing blunders examples. Do you have any?

It’s amazing that the most interesting stories and interesting questions are either in scripture or politics that might be the most thought of that comes to mind in turbulent times and we don’t ask our questions or our needs. Likewise, in our business, if we don’t ask, we don’t receive what we want.


However, I cannot get out of my mind writers block or …” brain freeze” something I had when going back home to make a speech some weeks back. I am wondering if anyone else has ever blundered through a speech and had “brain freeze” I had it and it was embarrassing, and I had no cheat-sheet to rely on.



Embarrassed, and I couldn’t help myself.

I flew back home north, from Florida, to attend a birthday party for my BFF – with some 100 attendees. I blundered my talk – already being one of who could leave one room going into another to get something…and would forget what it was that I went there for. Age, I suppose.

But I was just wondering. Have you ever in making a speech or a talk…trying to chronicle a lot of nice things about your someone or your BFF for most of your living years, and you start talking and then BRAIN FREEZE sets in?

It happened to me some two weeks ago

So EMBARRASSED…but life goes on. Click and see. We keep making worthy offers…

  • So, have you ever?

  • Has It happened to you in your business writing, speech, or blogging?

  • I would like to know?

  • Am I alone?

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